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Success Stories

Natalie McGuire, Natalie McGuire Design

DXc is hands-down the very best investment I’ve ever made.

Tell us a bit about you! Who are you, and what do you do?

I’m Natalie McGuire, an award-winning Designer + Digital Strategist with over 12 years of experience crafting one-of-a-kind logos, websites, and print designs with unique personality and strategic business goals, helping grow small businesses.

Where were you before DXc?

Before DXc, I’d been a Graphic Designer for 12 years, 9 of which involved working for other organizations (in-house design departments, and marketing/design agencies) and 3 of which involved working for myself full-time. Though I had a healthy business, a reliable stream of clients and revenue, and was proud of the work I was doing, I knew I could be offering more value to those working with me.

Why did you sign up for DXc?

I’d always been obsessed with conversion optimization, infusing each of my websites with my client’s goals, and making sure we tracked their key performance metrics, but because I was self-taught in these matters, I always felt like I was “winging it” each project. Unfortunately, my B.S. Degree in Graphic Design didn’t come with any skills outside of aesthetics, which made me feel like a complete phoney for not having a formalized strategy system to take my clients through.

When I discovered Marie Poulin and DXc, it was the answer to all my problems, and the experience was UNBELIEVABLE.

What are the people in DXc like (including instructor + fellow students)?

Though the training and content for DXc are utterly stellar in and of itself, what sets the program apart is the 1:1 mentoring with Marie and the private group. With the help of Marie and the community she built, not only have I found a sense of support, accountability, and community that I was desperately looking for as a business owner, but I also made some soul-affirming friendships that span off of the online world and into the real world.

What were some of your breakthroughs?

Each module of the course was both 100% validating and eye-opening, both reinforcing the right systems and processes I had, but also illuminated some holes and blind spots that I would never have known about otherwise. It also fiiiiiiinally gave me a formal process for what I wanted to incorporate in my business but didn’t know there was a term for: Digital Strategy. 

What are your takeaways from working with Marie?

Having been through college, getting a degree in design, and working for other companies for so long (including 3.5 years at a marketing agency) I can say DXc is a shortcut that bypasses all of that, and teaches you how to provide real value to your clients through systems, processes and formalized digital strategy training that you never knew you needed.

What was your favorite part of the DXc experience?

For the first time, like, ever, I feel understood in this community as a business owner and not isolated or in a vacuum anymore. I can come to Marie or the group with any problem or hiccup, and within minutes I have a sounding board for an idea I’ve been working, another set of eyes on a problem, or a solution to something I would never have found on my own.

How have you applied the strategies you’ve learned?

With the help of DXc, I’ve accomplished more of my business goals in less time, buttoned up my systems and processes, and finally feel confident in my abilities to charge more money, take on more high-end clients, and provide more value than ever before to create an even bigger impact with my business.

DXc is hands-down the very best investment I’ve ever made, and if you do the work, you’ll experience the same level of success, too.