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Success Stories

Margaret Reffell, Margreffell.com


Tell us a bit about you! Who are you, and what do you do?

Hey! My name is Margaret, and I’m a Web Developer and a Lead Mentor at a Coding School. I specialize in creating Online Programs and e-Commerce solutions for Entrepreneurs who are looking to build revenue in their online space. I live in Toronto, and run my Biz out of my home, so I am fully “location independent” which gives me the opportunity to work with people all over the world.

Where were you before DXc?

Floating aimlessly through a world of “freelance”.

I called myself a freelancer, but the word never sat right with me. I knew I could offer so much more value, and the word “freelancer” felt limiting to me.

Before DXc I was a Freelancer, now I’m an Agency Owner.

Why did you sign up for DXc?

When Marie tells you she has a great idea, and wants you to be a part of it… you don’t say no 🙂

I needed to make some major shifts out of the “feast or famine” cycle of freelance life. I needed guidance and confirmation on how to break that cycle from someone who has done it themselves.

Marie has experienced what it’s like to be in my shoes, and that is invaluable!

What was it like to be part of DXc?

Personal and supportive are the first words that come to mind. The ability to have to have the advice of Marie, and the 24/7 support of the online community are unparalleled in any other course I’ve taken. Marie, as well as the other DX’rs were easy to talk to, but also honest and gave you a good butt-kicking when you needed it!

What would you say if you were recommending DXc to a friend?

I would warn them to only take the course if they wanted exponential growth in their business, high-end clientele, a supportive network and practical actions items to implement. But really, who doesn’t right??

What were some of your breakthroughs?

My biggest breakthrough is now my new mantra

Constructive honesty always wins, and sometimes it pays to say no ~ Margaret Reffell

What are your takeaways from working with Marie?

Takeaways? I’m not going anywhere! Marie can’t get rid of me that easily.

My biggest takeaway is knowing that I should always showcase my value. In a world where new technologies and coding languages progress at the speed of light, it’s easy to think you are “falling behind” on shiny new features that get released every nano-second.

I now know to focus on what I can provide, because hey.. it’s all about service, and amazing customer service is where I shine.

What are the people in DX’rs like (including instructor + fellow students)?

I could go on for pages about how amazing the community is, but let’s just say this:

  • I’ve found the designer to re-create my branding in the DSS group
  • I found another designer in DSS who I’ve booked 3 gigs with, and we are making some of the most beautiful sites I’ve had the pleasure of coding
  • I’ve been put on a few designers “roster” of go-to developers
  • I am collaborating with a DSS designer to build out a product

Needless to say, I would not be where I am without Marie and the DSS community

What was your favorite part of the DXc experience?

The access to Marie’s brain. Both in person, and online.

How have you applied the strategies you’ve learned?

I’m in the very early stages of a complete re-design, and rebranding, so DXc has definitely forced me to think about the direction of my company, and what I want to “say”.

DXc is helping me find my voice.

How do you feel right now?

Super stoked for my next chapter…

What’s next for you?

I’m currently developing an online course for WordPress newbies to be able to build and maintain a WordPress site with virtually no coding experience. It’s geared towards bloggers, designers and virtual assistants. Those tech-savvy peeps, who don’t necessarily want to dive into code.

Marg Reffell