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Success Stories

Meet DSS Alumni who have majorly levelled up their business and confidence.

Having been through college, getting a degree in design, and working for other companies for so long (including 3.5 years at a marketing agency) I can say DXc is a shortcut that bypasses all of that, and teaches you how to provide real value to your clients through systems, processes and formalized digital strategy training that you never knew you needed. DXc is hands-down the very best investment I’ve ever made, and if you do the work, you’ll experience the same level of success, too.

Read Natalie’s story

I went from being a designer who essentially was an order taker to a Brand Experience Strategist, looking at projects from a holistic standpoint. Everything is much more “big picture” now and I feel confident that I can offer my clients a lot more value. DXc will not only majorly open your eyes to how you do things within your business (your processes, systems, onboarding, working with clients, etc.) and how you can streamline, but it will allow you to learn valuable skills that can help to significantly grow your business, give you the confidence you need to uplevel, and stand out in the industry.

Read Janessa’s story

After each call with Marie or Michelle I felt totally confident in my next steps and often had a new opportunity open up for me. I’ve also made relationships with other designers in the program that’s led to collaborations, introductions and referrals that have really helped my business grow. DSS is absolutely the best investment I’ve ever made in my business.

Read Connie’s story

I have learned so much from Marie, Michelle and my fellow DXc students in the past year! I believe I have found friends who “get” the ups and downs of working solo… I don’t feel alone.

Read Karen’s story

Coming at projects as “business improvement” instead of “web design” was a revolutionary idea to me, even though it was how I was approaching projects already and not charging for it. Marie is not just changing individual lives, she’s changing the industry.

Read Rachel’s story

If you are a creative freelancer struggling to break through to that next level where you can raise your prices and add value to your clients bottom line, your search has ended. The mentorship I received through Marie in DXc has been invaluable, and has been a turning point in my entrepreneurial journey. I cannot recommend her enough.

Read Chrissy’s story

Mostly, DXc feels PROFESSIONAL. I think of it as akin to being in a guild – it ups my game, holds me accountable, and introduces me to a whole lot of ‘what’s possible and doable’. It’s refreshing. I now bill at two or three times the rates I was at before because I’m not quoting by the hour anymore, but by value.

Read Laurie’s story

This is a course that delivers waaaaaay more value than you’re paying for. Marie is a wealth of creative ideas for how to look at all aspects of your business and even though the course content is already so deep, she seems to have a magical never-ending library of worksheets, podcasts, blogs or anecdotes that help with the exact issue you may be facing. One of my favourite parts about the course content is that it’s inspiring; I can see business opportunities I hadn’t considered in all of the modules.

Read Linsey’s Story


I could go on for pages about how amazing the community is, but let’s just say this: I’ve found the designer to re-create my branding in the DXc group, I found another designer in DXc who I’ve booked 3 gigs with and we are making some of the most beautiful sites I’ve had the pleasure of coding, I’ve been put on a few designers “roster” of go-to developers, and I am collaborating with a DXc designer to build out a product. Needless to say, I would not be where I am without Marie and the DXc community!

Read Margaret’s Story

I now see it’s no longer just about design, but about building a solid system that brings the right people in and keeps them in your world because you keep adding value to their lives. If you are a designer or developer ready to start taking your business more seriously and finally step into your expert role, this is for you. If you are done with the fumbling, and are ready to find the clarity you’ve been searching for, the clients you love and the reputation that comes along with an expert status, go sign up!

The people you surround yourself with have an undeniable effect on how you lead your business and your life. With DSS I not only benefited from Marie’s inimitable mentorship but the support of an incredible group of peers. The advice and insights I gained through DXc helped me double my revenue – I’ve made as much in the last 6 months as I did last year!


More stories coming soon, stay tuned!


Marie, you really helped me find something inside me that I knew was there, but was scared to pursue. You have no idea what kind of beast came about after going through your course lol!

Charles Milton

I would still be in my in-house rut if it wasn’t for DXc and this community of amazing, generous designers who are friends and mentors, all conspiring to help me succeed.

Liz Laverty

Oh hey Marie Poulin, that big contract I signed yesterday for $6k? Totally the biggest branding/web project I’ve done and toootally thanks in part to learning sh*t here with proposals and workflow and all the things! #?allthethanks?

Lindsay Goldner

I have learned so much from you, like charging my worth and how to think strategically. I cannot be more grateful. It would have probably taken me years of horrible bad clients (hopefully not) to really understand that having a proper system in place, sticking firm to my boundaries, and charging appropriately was the key to my own happiness and happy clients. I am now charging more appropriately, setting and sticking to boundaries, and turning away jobs that are just not worth it.

Rita Morales

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know I’m working through that first worksheet. if you were ever going to ask me for a testimonial, mine right now would be “Holy sh*t.” I seriously have no words for what kind of things this is doing to my brain right now. I’m blown away. (And it’s only the first worksheet!!)

Shelly Cole

You just blew my mind open! I want to kiss your cheeks!! You’ve just helped me get so freed up here. Thank you!

Kellie Bonnici