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Online courses, community, and mentorship to take your design business to the next level

Choose your track and level of support:
101 • Design

Design Your Business Experience

A foundations course that helps design business owners design a sustainable, customer-focused business from the inside out.


201 • Strategy

Intro to Digital Strategy

Build your expertise, confidence, and revenue by transforming your clients’ websites into more profitable ecosystems.


301 • Innovation

Design Thinking for the Web

Learn how to integrate Design Thinking methodologies into your web design process for more effective projects.


Become an invaluable asset to your clients.


Attract (better) clients that trust your expertise


Communicate with your clients more confidently


Provide more profitable insights for your clients


Earn higher revenues on your projects


Create your own proprietary strategic process


Run your own business more strategically

Hi, I’m Marie.

I help designers build more effective businesses—for both themselves and their clients.

With an Honours Bachelor of Design, a Specialization in Design Thinking + Innovation, and over a decade of working experience at both small digital agencies agencies and as a self-employed interactive designer and digital strategist, I’ve learned a few things… the hard way. I’ve transitioned from fumbling freelancer to successful business owner by refining my business systems and processes, expanding my community, and focusing on creating strategic value for my clients. When you create exceptional value for your clients, you command higher rates and make yourself a more valuable asset. Let me help you get there faster.

When I’m not working directly with clients and other designers, I collaborate with my partner Ben on our web application Doki: a platform designed to help entrepreneurs deliver online courses, mentorship, and mastermind programs with ease.